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CMF Accountants are specialist accountants for construction industry firms with in-depth experience in this area.

With the economy stabilising and the construction industry beginning to pick up again, CMF are here to ensure you are soundly positioned to build and/or rebuild your business and keep a close eye on your finances and business systems to enable you to thrive in the coming years.

We advise on all construction industry issues such as:

  • Audit

  • Management Accounts and Consultancy

  • Cash flow management

Our team also has great experience in dealing with employment status issues, C2 compliance areas within the construction industry.


We have provided accounting and taxation services for tradesmen, builders, Principal Contractors and Sub – contractors (incl: Carpenters, Electricians, Bricklayers, Plumbers, plasterers and general builders).

These can take the form of sole trader/partnership under income tax rules or incorporate to a limited company under corporation tax rules. CMF will advise on the best option for each client to ensure it is not only compliant but is structured efficiently to become successful and maximise your after-tax profits.

We understand the long hours involved in the building industry and how this can lead to a lack of emphasis being put on the bookkeeping and administration end of the business. In many cases this lack of focus on the financial aspect of the business, leads to the ultimate failure of businesses.

We will not only minimise the hassle for builders but will also take the time to review your business processes and mentor clients in improving the business systems.

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