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CMF are leading advisors to individuals/companies involved in the agricultural industry and suppliers of services to the agricultural industry.


A number of our staff comes from an agricultural background and some are still actively involved in same.

Farm taxation is a complex and often misunderstood area of taxation. We have in depth knowledge of specific reliefs available to farm businesses which can significantly reduce taxation in the short and long term. These include:

  • Company Incorporation

  • Stock Relief – General Scheme

  • Stock Relief for young trained farmers

  • Income averaging

  • HP V Leasing options

  • Stamp Duty exemption (young trained farmers)

  • Rollover relief

  • Long Lease relief

  • Capital Gains Tax – Retirement Relief

  • Employing family members

  • Tax credits available to partnerships

  • Vat Registration

Contact CMF to ensure you are availing of all reliefs available and that you are structured in the best possible position for your individual circumstances.

We can undertake the following compliance work:

  • Completion of annual accounts

  • Filing of annual income or corporation tax return

  • Advise in relation to structure

  • Vat registration options

  • Vat reclaim for non-registered farmers

  • Employee payroll calculations

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